Via Email

When you create your Casengo account a unique support email address is created for you using
the account name you supplied at sign up: You can choose
to display this email address on your customer-facing media (ie, your website, blog, business
cards) or you can forward all emails from your existing email account to the Casengo email
address. Voila – you will now be receiving tickets in your Casengo agent portal.

2. Via Contact form or Chat

You can easily install a ‘Contact/Chat’ widget on your website using the HTML code provided in your
Casengo account. You can find the code in the ‘Channels’ section of the Admin centre. Once
a ‘Chat’ session is started, a ticket will be created in the Casengo Agent portal.

3. Via Twitter (not available at this moment)

Currently it is not possible to handle tweets and reply to them from the agent app. This feature is planned to be available in Q3 2012.