In order to receive support requests sent to your company email address, you need to configure email forwarding in your email server (for example, Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook) to forward all incoming mail to [yoursubdomainname] Change the companysubdomain field to the sub-domain you entered when signing up.

The configuration changes depend on the email server you are currently using. Check below the instruction links for the popular mail providers.


Microsoft Exchange 2010

Microsoft Exchange 2007


If your email provider is not listed or does not support email forwarding, it is possible to fetch your POP3 mailbox directly. Go to the Casengo admin site and navigate to the -> Channels -> Email page and click 'Add new mailbox'. At this moment, only mail can be fetched using the POP3 protocol. Bear in mind that the mail will be removed from the mailbox once they are fetched into Casengo.

If you experience problems with fetching email from your emailboxes, Click the contact button and we are happy to assist you!